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Re: [IP] Danger: Microwave Oven


What I do for my son, Spencer age 10, is this, each week I get the
following weeks lunch menu.  I type it up and Spencer and I go through
it together and he decides what he will and won't eat each day and
wether he will have white or chocolate milk each day.  Then I write in
how many carbs are in each item and total the days carbs.  We have just
started writing the bolus amount right next to the daily total since his
carb to insulin ratio is 1 unit for every 9.5 carbs.  He takes a copy to
school and we post one on the frig at home.

The only thing I can think of about OSHA is that they don't think the
microwave is clean enough to be safe and therefor a health issue.

Good luck,
Lisa D. (Spencer's Mom)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/