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[IP] Great news!

I have great news!  and I am so happy that I had to share my news with
people who really understand!  After seven months of pumping, Lauren's
(12.5 yo) A1c is 6.7!!!!!  I wasn't sure it was possible but we did it! 
Our best A1c on MDI was 7.4.  That 7.4 had lots of lows, but this 6.7 had
minimal lows.

And the best news is that Lauren got that A1c with virtually no sacrifice
in the way she eats!  This A1c includes the night(s) she pigged out on
Halloween candy (and woke up at 116) as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas
break!  Lauren does test her blood about 5-8X a day, but we both agree that
it is worth it!    And I guess she understands its significance because she
is elated too!  And she is trying to share her good news with her
friends.... and I am not sure that they quite understand!  But I know that
you guys do!  Hooray!

Diane Massey
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/