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[IP] Re: Swimming

> Hi guys....
> My son Brian (10) is a competitive swimmer and a new pumper(just one
> month); he is having difficulty getting the set to stay in place
> during his pool workouts. (He is using the quick release softset).
> The water gets under the IV 3000 tape and it lifts away. We are
> trying out new methods, but the water nearly always makes it under!

Two suggestions.
1) switch to Tenders/Sil's

2) cut a pair of drain holes near the wings on the sofset that will 
allow the tape to dry out when he's out of the pool. Lily used to do 
this when she was swimming. You need a hole about 1/8 inch diameter 
below and on either side of the set at the corner of the wing. Not to 
big, but positioned so any moisture can drain out "down" this will 
facilitate drying of the skin and adhesive. It also works well at the 
beach to let the sand out -- that's how we first discovered the 
technique. Make sure to use skin prep prior to putting the cover tape 
over the set and I would recommend using Kendall Polyskin II or 
Tegaderm rather than the patches that come with the MM set. The 
vendor supplied patches don't stick nearly as well.


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