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Re: [IP] Meter in the Classroom/FAQs

> I will be glad to tackle this after Christmas.  I am not sure what
> all it involves but will give it a try...
> For the time being I am saving all messages - is there anything else
> I should do in the meantime?  
> Sherri~  ps - we borrowed a digital camera from Jim's office and
> plan to take a pictures over the holidays - any special instructions
> I need to submit it to you for the profile?   Usually I avoid the
> camera but since Laura is begging to be on the website and since I
> am in the Christmas spirit I guess I will concede and "show my face"
>  as well as hers.  <grin>

So where's the pictures?? <grin><grin> I'm waiting with baited 

If you'd like to join the development group, subscribe to ip-dev by 
sending a message to:

email @ redacted
subscribe ip-dev

Drop me a note about your plans and what resources you think would be 
useful. The other developers have very diverse computer publishing 
skills so basically all you need to do is write. Or.... you can do 
the whole thing from beginning to end or learn any part. There are a 
couple of developer FAQ's on the volunteer page of the web site.

email @ redacted
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