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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

> In a message dated 99-01-14 12:15:16 EST, you write:
> << She took a hot shower just before bed. 
>  What if the additional circulation promoted in the skin from the
>  hot water speeded up the absorption of insulin from her dinner
>  bolus??  >>
> If that is the only variable, Michael, then your hypothesis is a lot
> thicker than you might think. Lily is thin, right?
Not any more. She's all curves etc.... the boys definitly oogle.

> How deep was the
> insertion set? 
Shallow. Deep is a problem with all the exrecise. It was in the back 

> Also, some of her own female hormone levels may have
> been fluctuating. How close was she to starting menses? 
That we don't know. Mom started about 14 yo. We've been expecting her 
to start anytime, but her diabetes and high levels of exrecise both 
could be delaying the onset.

> If progesterone levels dropped off, then insulin sensitivity would
> increase.  Just a thought. Barbara B.

Might be an unlucky combination of both of above.

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