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[IP] Coming Online With my Pump...

After sitting through a few days on Diabetes Education this week, i had
my pump hooked for the first time yesterday afternoon with saline, and
will be doing the real thing Monday morning.  I cant wait!

My first 30 hours of pumping with my Disetronic have been very
uneventful (Thank GOD!), and almost boring in comparison to what others
here have shared in the past.  I am using Tenders, and to my happy
surprise, didn't have any pain or discomfort during insertion.  Changed
the set this morning with the same good results; the exception being air
bubbles.  1 large bubble and a few tiny ones clinging to the reservoir
tube.  Any chance that this is just a product of the saline?

No redness or pain at the site either.  I even showed with the new set
in place this AM...again very impressed.  Hopefully things will continue
past Monday.

On the subject of site prep:

My Disetronic Rep told me that all that was really needed was an alcohol
prep.  My CDE took it one step further, and said even that was not
necessary; instead just shower in the AM before insertion, and she's a
longtime pumper herself.  Any comments from the regulars on this issue?

Anyway, I hope to report on my successful install after Monday.

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