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Re: [IP] Got Minimed today!-am overwhelmed

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> My MiniMed came today..507c )it has the sqaure wave bolus).
> It is heavier than my Disetronic..which isn't good...
> I use the bent needle in my D pump. Will those work with the minimed?

Yes, all infusion sets will work with either make of pump. SInce they
all use the same kind of Luer-Lock connectors that syringes do it's
hard to exclude any of them.

> They sent me a huge supply of the sof-set Ultimate Q infusion set.
> I am not sure that will be the one I want to use. I wonder why they can't send
> 2 boxes of mixed set-ups so we I could try them out? And what if these don;t
> work out I guess I will have to order new ones?

I understand you can trade in what you were sent originally, as long as the
pack is unopened. 

> The INSERTER looks like it will hurt!  Does the sof set have a flexibl;e
> needle
> or is it a metal needle?? I thought when it was shown to me it had a little
> plastivc like needle..

Yes, it's a metal "introducer needle" insiide of a thin Teflon canula (tube).
The Teflon won't hold shape when you insert it, so the steel needle helps 
get it installed, then is pulled out leaving the Teflon in place.

> Which set ups  do you all like? It looks like the Silhouette may have been
> better for me..I never got to try any of them out..

I prefer Comforts (another brand name for Silhoettes). I used the SofSet QR's
for a few months before finding the Comforts, and had some problems with the
May be a factor for thinner folks like me, the long needle going in sideways
is simple to adjust depth on, since my muscles are too close to the surface
a relatively thin fat layer. The QR's tended to pierce through to the muscle
and not deliver as expected, plus the design is bulky and needs overtaping. The
separate disconnect is also inconvenient, I much prefer the disconnect disk base
my Comforts.

> I have been using my abdomen but they show the inserter being used above the
> waste?? Can that be done? (That I really need an answer too) 

Certainly. I use the areas above my waist regularly, just need to be a bit
about not catching it under my belt too often.

> Ok..here are my questions.
> We are going to set this up tonight. I am going to use the same basal rate
> that
> I now use. I hope that will be ok.

Sounds like the best approach to start. Either pump should deliver as well as
the other at a given dosage, though small adjustments may be found that
just weren't possible with the old 1, such as square wave, etc.

I will have to read about the saquare wave
> bolus..I need to know how to set that up because my blood suagrs are 305
> due to
> flare up of autoimmune disease.

Sounds more like you need higher bolus rates generally, unless this is only
ofter meals instead of generally.

> WIll I be able to leanr the minimed as good? WIll it be as good to be and user
> friendly as my D Pump? 

Really shouldn't be too much different, just some slightly different features
to learn about. Many people consider the MiniMeds to be simpler to operate 
than the Disetronics models. Tha's what I've read around here, I've onll
owned a MiniMed fpor 5 years, so can't reflect from personal experience.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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