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Re: [IP] school problems

In a message dated 1/14/99 1:32:49 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<I left my daughters gym teacher came in and told me she wants Jessica to
disconnect the pump during gym. I told her that was not the plan and she
started ranting and raving."she's not going to let any kid play gym with that
thing connected to her" Then she kindly reminded me that Jess has to pass gym
to graduate.         These people are making me crazy.....>>

I am getting very upset about my fellow school personnel who appear so
ignorant of diabetes and school law.  Every child is guaranteed by law to have
the least restrictive environment possible.  The school must prove that there
would be a danger in allowing your child to wear a pump during PE.  Are they
playing contact sports such as football where the pump could bruise another
child bumping into it?  I can't imagine it is a danger to your child to wear
the pump.  In dealing with the uninformed school personnel, stay calm, listen
to what they have to say, evaluate it carefully and be ABSOLUTELY FIRM in
defending the rights of your child.  

Personally I play in basketball and indoor soccer leagues with my pump on.  It
seems many people like to disconnect during sports; I prefer being able to
have a small basal going.  I usually wear the pump in back so it won't bump

I would gladly talk to school principals who may be ignorant of diabetes and
school law.

Kevin, The Pumpin' Principal
email @ redacted
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