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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

> > I also know that at 15 (I believe this is your daughters
> > age) her hormones may be "tweaky" and not in relation to any cycle.
> > You may have looked at this already, it's just a thought Take Care
> Aha... Soooo, nope, didn't think of that. She hasn't started that
> phase of life yet, but anytime soon I expect. There have been some
> irregular up/down basal requirements but they have not yet fallen
> into a monthly cycle. I'll make note and see if this recurrs with any
> regularity.

Ah, very good point.  When I went on a pump about 18 years ago one of the
first things that came up for me was having a major drop in insulin
requirements at that time of the month.  1/2 of what I would normally
take.  I remember I was so irregular that they had to put on the pill so
I could know when to change my basel and bolus rates.

> Thanks again.
> Michael
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