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Re: [IP] Got Minimed today!-am overwhelmed

I use the soft set, with the inserter, and honestly I have only had two
unpleasant experiences.  Which were not a huge deal.  They Soft Set Have a
metal needle that is taken out, and the canula that stays in is Teflon I
think.  The unpleasant experiences I had were just from the needle, and as
soon as I removed it, there was no longer a problem.  I personally like the
inserter cause it does what I don't have the guts to do.  I can just push the
button, and its in.  I have not tried the Silhouette, it scares me.  I like my
mini med 507c, but then again, I have not tried a disetronic, and am partial.
I would probably feel some sort of loss having to switch to a disetronic.  I
feel loss not having my original 507c.  Can't wait for them to fix it and send
it back!
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