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[IP] school problems

Hi everybody,
I went to my kids school today to discuss with the  nurses how much of an
education  we wanted to give the teachers tomorrow at our big meeting. Before
I left my daughters gym teacher came in and told me she wants Jessica to
disconnect the pump during gym. I told her that was not the plan and she
started ranting and raving."she's not going to let any kid play gym with that
thing connected to her" Then she kindly reminded me that Jess has to pass gym
to graduate.         These people are making me crazy.....
   Also,anyone who has a diabetic girl------Jessica was running in the 300's
for the last 4 days ,so I was not surprised when she got her period[her
first]. After 2 more days of bs in 200's ,this morning she got up at a blood
sugar of 27 !!!!!!! Is this a normal menstrual thing?She's also not been above
85 all day.
                      Let me know --I'm new to this one,not the D.
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