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Re: [IP] Need help with HIGH blood sugar readings

> My daughter Laura has had high blood sugar readings for 3 days now
> (i mean extremely high)
> I have increased her basal rates by 50%, am giving huge amounts of
> insulin, having her drink lots of water, changed the insulin to a
> fresh bottle,  and still can't seem to get it below the 300 range.
> (her site is only 2 days old) 

>From my experience with Lily I can suggest a couple of things and 
give you my reasoning.

1) try to treat the high with an injection of H and see if it makes 
any difference. If so, time to change sets. Do you mix H/V ? Might be 
worthwhile if site deterioriation becomes a problem. Lily 
consistently gets 4 days one both Tenders and SofSets. She changes 
twice a week, every 3rd and 4th day. She uses a 5/1 H/V mix.

2) expect kid basal and insulin requirements to change fairly 
abruptly as they enter growth phases. Being agressive with treatement 
has worked with Lily, although I was reluctant to make big increases 
in basal and carb boluses. After several days of highs and a chat 
with the doc on the phone (the first time) we upped everything and 
her bg's returned to normal. About 2 weeks later, the basal and 
carb/insulin ratios went back down. They stayed higher than original, 
but not as high as the first couple of weeks. This has occurred 
several times over the last few years, each time resulting in a 
slight rachet up of the overall insulin requirements. 

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