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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #742

> Another question to parents of kids who pump:
> Do you find it hard to get "coverage" when you (the parent) goes out
> for the evening, or out of town and your child is left with a
> grandparent etc? With injections, my oldest son knows how to do all
> the measuring and injecting for his younger brother, so it has never
> been a big issue.  Can an mature, young teen trouble shoot pump
> problems? Thanks for all your help and advice.   Kate

I'd answer yes to that on behalf of my 15 year old. She's been pretty 
OK for about 2 years although she doesn't always think so. The bottom 
line is that if they can't figure out the problem, injections are 
done instead and everything is changed - set, syringe, tubing, etc...

Real problems occur with messed up insulin dosages that cause lows. 
Then someone else definetly has to help, just like with a low adult, 
but more so.

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