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Re: [IP] Got Minimed today!-am overwhelmed

My MiniMed came today..507c )it has the sqaure wave bolus).
It is heavier than my Disetronic..which isn't good...
I use the bent needle in my D pump. Will those work with the minimed?
They sent me a huge supply of the sof-set Ultimate Q infusion set.
I am not sure that will be the one I want to use. I wonder why they can't send
2 boxes of mixed set-ups so we I could try them out? And what if these don;t
work out I guess I will have to order new ones?
The INSERTER looks like it will hurt!  Does the sof set have a flexibl;e
or is it a metal needle?? I thought when it was shown to me it had a little
plastivc like needle..
Which set ups  do you all like? It looks like the Silhouette may have been
better for me..I never got to try any of them out..
I have been using my abdomen but they show the inserter being used above the
waste?? Can that be done? (That I really need an answer too) ALso they sent
some adhesive called the IV3000 (I use now tegaderm) There is nothing on the
IV3000 that says it is for senstive skin. I hope I don't react to that.
Ok..here are my questions.
We are going to set this up tonight. I am going to use the same basal rate
I now use. I hope that will be ok..I will have to read about the saquare wave
bolus..I need to know how to set that up because my blood suagrs are 305
due to
flare up of autoimmune disease. 
This seems a biot overwhelming and I am losing a "friend" in my D pump..I am
kinda sad..This may sound silly I know but I have come to know the D pump
as my
best freind. It has been easy for me to use.
WIll I be able to leanr the minimed as good? WIll it be as good to be and user
friendly as my D Pump? I
I don;t know..I am overwhelmed and I never thought I would be the
attached to a peice of medical equipment.
Thanks for listening.
If there are any ideas or hints or helps please email me
email @ redacted
I need alot of enouragement now..

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