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[IP] Software and Male Periods??

  Hello everyone....

  I received the new Accutility software last week and it is now up and
running on the PC. I personally like it. It gives all the reports to
print out and take to the Dr as well as being able to
FAX the figures to my Educator on a weekly basis. It also gives me the
freedom to NOT carry around a pencil and a booklet. I can enter all my
daily <or nightly in my case> info and then print it out when I need it
or look and analyze it at anytime.

  Also.. is it possible for men to have a "period" each month?? LOL. Let
me explain. It seems about once a month I go through erratic BGs. The
basal is correct because I maintain a steady number but it seems that I
am generally HIGH for about a weeks period each month. Hmmmm.. Is it
also possible to maintain a bit HIGH while harboring a cold or small


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