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Re: [IP] Need help with HIGH blood sugar readings

At 11:08 AM 1/14/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>My daughter Laura has had high blood sugar readings for 3 days now (i mean
>extremely high)
>I have increased her basal rates by 50%, am giving huge amounts of insulin,
>having her drink lots of water, changed the insulin to a fresh bottle,  and
>still can't seem to get it below the 300 range. (her site is only 2 days old) 
>If there is anything I am missing please let me know....I am quite puzzled as
>to waht to do.  I hate to call the Endo as he doesn't like her being on a pump
>anyway and I hate to give him any reason to  think it is not working as well
>as normally.

Try giving her an injection of H. If that brings her down, change sites ASAP.

If that does not help, suspect an underlying infection or some other cause
of the high BGs.


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