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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin stinging...

In a message dated 1/11/99 3:43:47 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<< You can simulate square wave with Disetronic by injecting fraction of total
 dose over time, but remembering to inject.  I do this often for major meal of
 day, i.e. if you want to inject 6 units, give 3 units (or 4)
 then the balance at whatever time interval you desire.
 Yale >>
Another way of simulating the "square wave" feature that is very effective on
the Disetronic pump, (due to the three minute pulse of the basil), is to
increase the basil rate along with the initial bolus. Temporary basil rates
are often times underutilized and as a result, more effective control is not
achieved. I recently ran a marathon with a plan of using temp. basil rates,
instead of a large bolus to cover my pre race meal. Remembering experiences in
training and other races, any bolus insulin present during a prolonged
exercise/activity, could cause significant hypoglycemic event, even with the
pump off during the activity. For this race, I significantly increased my
basil rate after checking my Bg, and bolusing 70% of my typical amount to
cover my morning meal of bagel, banana, and milk. I continued with my basil
increase for several hours until 45 minutes prior to the start of the race,
and shut the pump off completely after posting a 106 Bg (I couldn't imagine
even running a 10 mile run, let alone a marathon with a Bg that low while
using MDI). Remember, I was well rested and my glycogen stores full, due to
the tapering for several days prior to the race. This, along with excitement
and nerves, usually causes an increase in insulin needs, so rather than bolus,
I kept my basil high, and ran "rich," allowing me to maintain a normal Bg and
continue to "graze" on various carbs. It worked incredibly well, as I checked
my Bg 8 times throughout the race, with he high at 131 and the low at 79, and
my Bg at the finish was 94! I felt great and although consumed a moderate
amount of carbs throughout, I never hit the "wall." I did turn my pump on at
22 miles and bolus 0.6 unit, due to the high reading of 131 and the
anticipation of the finish, which always causes my Bg to rise. Worked great!
Felt great and ran my best time.

Good Luck,

Bill King
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