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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

> Michael, when was the last time she took any N insulin. 
About 4 year ago. Don't think it's that <vbg>

After reading all the good stuff I have a (very thin) hypothesis 
(emphasis on the HYPO part). She took a hot shower just before bed. 
What if the additional circulation promoted in the skin from the hot 
water speeded up the absorption of insulin from her dinner bolus?? 
And that is what made her low at bed time. She uses a mix of H/V 5/1. 
Possibly a fairly large portion of the 'tail' could have gone in 
causing the bed time low and exaserbating the 'low-ness' at 2:30.

Yeah, I know it's pretty thin but it's the best I could come up with.

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