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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

At 07:56 AM 1/14/1999  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
>> This has happened to me a number of times... just the other day I tested at
>> 44. So I whipped out the glucose tabs (6 of them) and got a large handful
>> or raisins. 30 minutes later I tested at 41... hmmm. So back to the glucose
>> tabs and this time I reached into a handy box of chocolate-chip cookies...
>> seemed like a good excuse to me. An hour later I was still at only 64.... a
>> small glass of apple juice followed. At bed time, about 2 hours later I was
>> still just at only 105. So far so good... anyone want to guess what I was
>> at about 3am??
>I could have guessed...would I have won anything?  :-)

Yes!! The "Perceptive and Experienced Diabetic Observer Award". That and 50
cents may get you a cup of coffee at some locations. Congratulations...  <vbg>

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