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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

IN>> > Bottom line, 5 glucose tablets, 12 grams (carbo) of toast and 30 minutes
IN>> > later, bg has only come up about 20 points.
IN>> Was she very active during the day? Had she had a recent low?

IN>That's what's maddening about this. Yesterday was a no-exercise day
IN>and she had reasonable bg's all day. She ate a moderate dinner free
IN>from 'unusual' items, glass of milk and small bowl of ice-cream --
IN>all usual stuff. She was moderately low 3 hours after dinner and ate
IN>some glucose and did NOT run a basal rate when she went to bed. She
IN>usually runs temp 0.9u/hr until 1:00 am when the night-time basal
IN>rate kicks in on her pump. i.e. her static rate is 0.5u/hr in case
IN>she is up late.

IN>Once in a while this happens and I've never been able
IN>to come up with a satisfactory probable cause.

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IN>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Michael, when was the last time she took any N insulin.  I have noticed
that I developed "pockets" from injections that wouldn't release the
insulin until later, then would have an unexplained low.  I could only
contribute it to these "pockets" leaking out N and causing me to go low.
Besides YMMV (VBG).

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