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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

> This has happened to me a number of times... just the other day I tested at
> 44. So I whipped out the glucose tabs (6 of them) and got a large handful
> or raisins. 30 minutes later I tested at 41... hmmm. So back to the glucose
> tabs and this time I reached into a handy box of chocolate-chip cookies...
> seemed like a good excuse to me. An hour later I was still at only 64.... a
> small glass of apple juice followed. At bed time, about 2 hours later I was
> still just at only 105. So far so good... anyone want to guess what I was
> at about 3am??

I could have guessed...would I have won anything?  :-)


I have found that the only thing that hits my system in those 15-30 minutes like
"they" say it's suppose to, is juice.  If I am that low I have to bite my tongue
and avoid those yummy cookies and stuff or I'll sky rocket later.  It's real
scary being so low, I think we all know that.

Another thing I thought of when I was in my late teens and early 20's I had three
visits from the cute emergency guys.  We contributed it to exercise impacting me
hours later.  I adjusted my dinner time bolus to compensate.  I wish I had a pat
answer but there are just to many variables with this disease.

Now that I am older I have to handle exercise and food completely differently.  I
don't digest stuff as quickly so if I eat the good-fun stuff I most always pay


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