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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

Michael wrote:
> Bottom line, 5 glucose tablets, 12 grams (carbo) of toast and 30 minutes
> later, bg has only come up about 20 points.

Was she very active during the day? Had she had a recent low? When the
BGs stay low like that, with no additional insulin,  one possible cause
is that the liver is replenishing its glycogen supply, and pulling
glucose out of the blood as fast as it can. In addition, if a person has
been very active, insulin transport into the muscles becomes more
efficient (i.e. glucose sensitivity increases), and the muscles ALSO
pull a lot of glucose out to replenish THEIR glycogen supply. 

The reason is that when one is either very active, or has had a low, the
muscles and liver release glycogen to maintain BGs, and then when the
BGs stabilize, and glucose becomes available, they replenish their

I consistently have a pattern when I've exercised more than usual, that
my BG initially rises, but then becomes lower than usual 12-24 hours
later.  Taking more insulin to prevent the rise doesn't seem to be a
good idea, because I think I would just go hypo sooner, or even have a
double hypo (one now, one later!), so I just ride it out. Fortunately,
being Type Weird, I've never had a rise or drop that I couldn't deal

Good luck to Lily and you!

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