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Re: [IP] Someone Explain


>What is the physiology behind this.
>Woke Lily at 2:30 to check her bg's, she'd been a little low when she 
>went to bed but ate glucose to counteract.

One possibility here is that she was going lower at bed time, so the
glucose only "forestalled the inevitable", didn't really raise her BG.
(That's if I interpreted your statement correctly - sounds like she took
glucose at bed time?).

>At 2:30 her bg was 51. She ate 3 tabs, enough to raise her 70-75 points.
>15 minutes later her bg's were 59. About this time she had a piece of toast,
>12 grams of carbo and also ate 2 more tabs (another 50 pts worth).
>15 minutes later, she felt better but bg's still only 70 so she got up 
>for a snack.
>Bottom line, 5 glucose tablets, 12 grams (carbo) of toast and 30 minutes 
>later, bg has only come up about 20 points. I've seen this before, but 
>never really examined the underlying physiology. Anybody got a good 
>explaination. It seems to me kinda like walking on water. Her body is 
>somehow forstalling the crash until the last possible moment. I wake her 
>and within a few minutes she somehow uses up a lot of residual blood 
>glucose or something like that.
I've seen this often during my 41 + years. I still see it on occasion while
pumping. My doc and I refer to these events as "Hey, that's diabetes". It's
important to follow that statement with a wide grin, cause it can be
maddening to try to figure out.

I'm wondering if Lily was on her way to a big crash - your diligence in
testing and responding to the drop in BG delayed / prevented this. The
extra carbs / glucose were taken up as quickly as they went in. As far as
what caused the drop to begin with, was there anything significantly
different with her schedule or meals that could have caused this? Is there
still some "learning" going on with some of the new pump features, such as
the dual wave bolus, that might not have been figured into the equation?

I'm just speculating, thinking out loud here.
Bob Burnett

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