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Re: [IP] The digest and its length

> I have suggested to Michael that email be divided into categories
> and people could choose which categories that they wanted to
> subscribe to. Each writer would have to define which category that
> their email should belong to.  Some categories:
>              Pumping and Diabetes in the News
>              Problems with the pump itself
>              Long-term complications
>              Newbie complications or concerns
>              Young pumper probs
>               Use of insulin in the pump, basal, boluses etc.
>               Diabetes and work and schools
>               Chat
>               The whole digest

The problem is that very few participants confine themselves to just 
one topic.

If the list becomes fragmented, the useage will drop way off. The 
idea is to encourage participation.

 I intend to add a chat link on 
the web site as soon as we get a new internet connection that is more 
reliable and can handle the traffic. Currently we operate with a 
cable modem that is kinda off again on again a LOT. I'm having a high 
speed digital connection brought in scheduled for about 2-3 weeks 
from now.

The chat link should allow continuing conversations to go on all the 
time and take some of the pressure off the list, but I have not 
decided whether or not to archive it and make the message stream 
available for offline viewing. Probably will, but there is some 
development effort that needs to go into all of this.

Along those line, see my next post......
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