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Re: [IP] ? - Strips, Doctors, Insurance


> The staff does not believe I test myself
> approximately 10 times a day.

Does your meter have memory with date/time
and reading?  Perhaps looking at that would
convince them you test 10 times a day.  The
nurse practitioner I see commented how much
variation there is in the number of tests a
day that are required for good control.

> Now the doctors office has allowed me to
> get 600 strips to last me one year.

Maybe you need to talk to the doctor about
the fact that 1.64 test strips a day is just
not enough.  Showing him what 600 strips a
year actually means per day might help.

> Anyway I go this Thursday to this doctor 
> and want to be able to say something to
> the doctor about the staff and the hassles
> I get.

I would recommend something like asking the
doctor what is going wrong that you can't
communicate with the staff.  If you approach
it as if something (not someone) is wrong
and you need his help to fix it, he will
hopefully be want to correct the problem
instead of just defending the staff.

Good Luck,

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