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Re: [IP] The digest and its length

At 05:22 PM 1/13/1999  DIANE MASSEY wrote:
>I agree that there is a lot of email generated from this group and
>personally I would probably want to continue to read it all.
>I have suggested to Michael that email be divided into categories and
>people could choose which categories that they wanted to subscribe to. 
>Each writer would have to define which category that their email should
>belong to.  Some categories:
>             Pumping and Diabetes in the News
>             Problems with the pump itself
>             Long-term complications
>             Newbie complications or concerns
>             Young pumper probs
>              Use of insulin in the pump, basal, boluses etc.
>              Diabetes and work and schools
>              Chat
>              The whole digest

We have discussed this and one problem is that we would find that that many
experienced people may not be participating in all lists. Therefore you'd
miss the ideas from these people when posting a question. Also, being one
of the volunteer administrators for this group, I find it increasingly
hectic to keep up with the traffic the way it is... making it more complex
would make the job even more difficult. 

I personally use filters extensively to sort my incoming email into
folders. I only occasionally have messages go into my general "Inbox". This
helps me prioritize what I want to read. However, each e-mail program works
differently and not all can handle this equally well.  
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