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Re: [IP] The digest and its length

Hi Diane,
I think that is a excellent idea the e-mail generate is a lot.
I do have it filtered to a  Special folder and not my inbox.

> I agree that there is a lot of email generated from this group and
> personally I would probably want to continue to read it all.
> I have suggested to Michael that email be divided into categories and
> people could choose which categories that they wanted to subscribe to.
> Each writer would have to define which category that their email should
> belong to.  Some categories:
>              Pumping and Diabetes in the News
>              Problems with the pump itself
>              Long-term complications
>              Newbie complications or concerns
>              Young pumper probs
>               Use of insulin in the pump, basal, boluses etc.
>               Diabetes and work and schools
>               Chat
>               The whole digest
> I have the impression that is not so hard to administer a list like that if
> everyone cooperates with
> categorizing their emails.   What do you think?  What do you think Michael?
>  Would it be too difficult?
> Diane Massey
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