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[IP] The digest and its length

I agree that there is a lot of email generated from this group and
personally I would probably want to continue to read it all.

I have suggested to Michael that email be divided into categories and
people could choose which categories that they wanted to subscribe to. 
Each writer would have to define which category that their email should
belong to.  Some categories:

             Pumping and Diabetes in the News
             Problems with the pump itself
             Long-term complications
             Newbie complications or concerns
             Young pumper probs
              Use of insulin in the pump, basal, boluses etc.
              Diabetes and work and schools
              The whole digest

I have the impression that is not so hard to administer a list like that if
everyone cooperates with
categorizing their emails.   What do you think?  What do you think Michael?
 Would it be too difficult?  

Diane Massey

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