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RE: [IP] ? - Strips, Doctors, Insurance

Hi everyone --  just my thoughts.   I am not sure how things work in the US but here in Canada the doctors and clinics get to charge insurance or governments every time a patient has an appointment or gets a prescription repeat called into the pharmacy.  Diabetes is one of the most expensive diseases in that whatever we need we have to pay for.   (Either ourselves or our insurance, either way we pay).    I would also guess that this doctor is getting more money for his practice by having to see you each time you want more supplies.   
	In Ontario no diabetic supplies require a prescription, they do however require a detailed receipt.   The amount of insulin or strips you use are usually not restricted to specific quantities.   Not that I am aware of anyway.    Sometimes the insurance companies when asked to provide documentation that they only have to pay for a specific quantity would not be able to do so.     
	You have the disease!   If you need to test 10 times a day then you have to test 10 times a day.   Does this not infringe on medical ethics if they limit what control you can have over your illness.   Obviously the doctor is not looking out for his own best interests as he should be wanting you to be really well, after all most doctors have a guaranteed life income with a diabetic patient.   
Yes I have had some not so pleasant experiences with the medical profession, however I have also had the pleasure of meeting and working with some exceptional doctors.
	I wish you well in your endeavours to get more strips and insulin.   By the way do you have to have a prescription to get insulin in the United States?
	Good luck.

Terry Thomson
Diabetic 15 years
Insulin Pump 4 1/2 years.

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I really need some help.  I could even use some sample letter that I
could just hand over to the doctor and staff.  I am seeing the doctor
that replaced the one I was seeing.  The past few months has been very
difficult trying to get strips and insulin.  I am questioned and given
the third degree.  The staff does not believe I test myself
approximately 10 times a day.  On the pump I've needed more humalog and
wanted to get some velosulin in case I decide to mix.  I've been on the
pump less than three months and am still experimenting etc.  Gee's I
don't need to tell you all that! <VBG>.  It has just been so stressful
the last year with the Medical community here and I am just walking on
pins and needles whenever I have to speak with one of the staff or a
doctor.  I am afraid of saying the "wrong" thing.  Over the holiday it
took three phone calls to the doctors office and four to the pharmacists
just to get 300 strips.  Now the doctors office has allowed me to get
600 strips to last me one year.  I test on average 10 / day.  Of course
this all to obtain insurance coverage, but without that I couldn't
afford to purchase them.

Anyway I go this Thursday to this doctor and want to be able to say
something to the doctor about the staff and the hassles I get.  I would
appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, and support.  It's dealing
with people like this office and doctors that won't listen that make
this disease the most difficult for me.

On a humorous note:  What do they think I am going to do with the
strips?  Smoke them and get a buzz!  :-)  Or possibly they think I'll
sell them on the street and start pushing strips and insulin.

Thank you in advance.
IDDM 36 years, since age 3,
pumping 2 1/2 months.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

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