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RE: [IP] anyone heard of this little trick?

I use chromium and it works for me, however I do understand that it doesn't work for everyone.   I usually feel a lot better when I take it.   I met a lady from Northern Ontario who tried it and was really sick so I guess it looks like you have to try it to see.  I take 200mcg x 3 tablets every night before bedtime.   I also take CoEnzyme10 and melatonin, Vitamin E, shark's cartilage and vegetal silica.   Sounds like a lot, but my HA1C has gone from 22 to 6.5.   Must be doing something right.

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> Brian,
> Does the chromium picolinate work? My moms big on the herb thing.The
> book I'm reading here says you can also use brewers yeast with added
> chromium. This book is making me laugh--it tells you to take this to
> increase   your insulins efficiency,then in big letters it says "if
> you have diabetes take no meds w/o advice from physician"     

Lily's endo is big on supplements - although specific one's. You 
might want to drop him a line, He's a list member, but I don't think 
he reads very often. He has a Q&A on his web-site at:

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

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