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Re: [IP] Battery Problems

At 08:01 AM 1/13/1999  Michael wrote:
>> If you can find a store with fresh supplies, get the standard
>> Eveready 357 batteries there. Probably cheaper... but, some folks
>> find that store-bought batteries may not always last as long.
>I have no axe to grind, but I have consistently gotten better life 
>out of the Duracell equivalents. I actually got a batch of Evereadys 
>that I had to return because of corrosion withing the sealed plastic 
>display packaging. The batteries I received direct from Eveready were 
>fine and worked for the expected length of time so I think it is just 
>a problem with the distribution chain. I guess the Duracell batteries 
>spent less time in the distribution.

Yeah, but you don't get to see that cute bunny running around...


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