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Re: [IP] Battery Life

I've noted the discussions on battery life and cost. I learned by experience
and a discussion with the wonderful MM representatives that battery Life
depends very much on the amount of insulin you pump daily. A low volume
pumper may last 2 months. I only get about one month on a set of 3 MM
batteries because I pump over 100 units a day. The MM batteries also cost me
$32 CDN for 9. The same batteries at Radio Shack cost me $45 CDN.

Gary Marlin
email @ redacted

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Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 12:34 PM
Subject: [IP] Battery Life

>I use MM507C and the battery life depends on many things..first auto
>bolus..and how long I let the alarms sound off..I put in an 8 hr.
>alarm..and sometimes I don't hear it when I'm sleeping..I think this
>affects the life of the batteries..but I get a month to month and a half
>out of a set..

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