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Re: [IP] Panic Attacks

On 12 Jan 99 at 12:07, email @ redacted wrote:
>    Hmmmm..never thought of it as a "panic attack" but Melissa will react as if
> she's "in danger" sometimes, saying "Mom...help me..I don't feel good..help me
> please". I think I was chalking this up to "melodrama", but your explanation
> makes it more plausible that she really is feeling "threatened".

I think what happens is that as the bg drops below a certain level all your brain can do is sound 
the alarm that something is wrong.  Since some of the higher brain functions have already shut down 
you have difficulty recognizing exactly what is wrong or making sense of it.  

One time I had a bad low during the night and my wife said I was sitting there with a test strip 
and my meter - but I was trying to put the strip in the meter backwards and couldn't figure out why 
it wouldn't work.  She said I told her that I thought something was wrong with me and with the 
meter so she handed me the bottle of sugar tabs I keep on the bedside table and told me to start 
eating them.  The next morning I woke up with a massive headache and severe depression...   

That's one of the scary things about diabetes - especially for those of us who work in a field 
requiring mental acuity and agility or who are often put in a position in front of the public.  I 
am still cautious about testing my bg before and immediately after I preach - just in case...

Randall P. Winchester
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