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[IP] Re: Kids with pumps

The "problem" applies to active adults, too, of course. I'm 37 and started
on the pump last July (I also used a much more primitive one in
1980-82--boy, things have changed!), and I find that when I'm really
active--cycling hard and fast, hiking for several hours, moving house (I try
not to do that too often!) I don't need any insulin at all, so I just take
the pump off altogether. I don't do any contact sports, but this could be
one solution. I don't have much fat on me, so sometimes even these
activities, or exercising indoors, cause discomfort at the site

I discovered this by experimenting, using a lower and lower temporary bolus
until I found I was suspending delivery when active. If I'm active for more
than a couple of hours, I use my pen to administer 2 U Humalog every two
hours, and that seems to keep me in line--but I have to stay active, I can't
stop and relax or I go way high. I just started taking swimming lessons (at
my age!), and they only last half an hour, and I'm just fine off the pump as
long as I get hooked up again within an hour.

If I was engaging in something rough, I'd worry more about the pump getting
damaged than my site getting thumped. MiniMed, and maybe others, makes a
"waterproof and impact-resistant" SportGuard cover for the pump if your
friend's son finds he still needs insulin and periodic pen use doesn't help.

(I share your urge to scream about the doctor's excuse. I hear that a lot of
doctors say their patients can't have pumps because they can't afford them!)

I've only been here two days, but already I like it a lot better than the
other lists!


>Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 14:58:27 -0330
>From: pat & dave springall <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Kids with Pumps
>I have a question to ask those kids who are in active sports ie: hockey
>or any contact sport... do you have any problems with the pump..ie:
>being hit at the insert site.. does it cause you any problems..
>I have been informed by a friend who's doctor told her , her son was not
>a candiate for the pump as he played hockey and it was too dangereous..I
>put this question to you.. what are your thoughts..because I just
>couldn't believe it and it caused me sadness..I could just scream..I
>will pass on all comments back to the mother.. so they can make a
>knowledgeable decision..
>Yours in pumping,
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