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[IP] Checking your Drinks for Sugar

The best thing to do, and really the cheapest. Is to get the strips to check
for sugar in the urine.  This works to test for sugar in your drinks.  Diet
Pepsi registers nothing, and if you use regular leaded Pepsi, the color
changes to dark. 

I actually read this in a diabetes handbook. I think it might have been Dr.
Lois Jovanovic-Peterson. Co authored book. The Diabetic Woman.  You can even
cut these strips length wise to have double the number of strips.

I remember one time, i was playing with my meter Using a Glocoscan 2000, and
squeezed alcohol from an alcohol pad, and it had a sugar reading of 57.
Again must be one of those things, that the chemical reaction is different
vs blood.

Christene Ullom

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