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Re: [IP] Kids with Pumps

     >I have been informed by a friend who's doctor told her, her son was 
     >not a candiate for the pump as he played hockey and it was too 
     Maybe your friend's kid should play hockey with the doc's head.
     #1) soft cannula sets are now available
     #2) the kid can disconect from the pump during the match or 
     #3) use a sportguard to protect the pump if it remains attached.
     Although I'm no longer (physically) a kid, a body block in hockey 
     would probably be no different than the impact of my 1 or 3 year old 
     jumping on Daddy's stomach.  There's a higher risk of discomfort 
     coming from catching a loose infusion set on a doorknob than any 
     discomfort from a direct hit in hockey.
     -David W.
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