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[IP] Re: Creepies

I was really interested in Peter's response to this.  I haven't really had panic attacks from reactions (although I do get a little scared sometimes and obsess about eating and usually will eat constantly until I feel better, thereby overtreating reactions and coming out at 250.)

However - (and I would like to remain annonymous about this) I once smoked an illegal substance (many years ago in college and ONLY ONCE - but I did inhale :-)  What I found, when my friends were telling me I was only high, was that I felt like I was having a reaction.  When I was finally sober again, I could NOT for the life of me imagine WHY anyone would want to MAKE themselves feel like that.  I hated it!  I've always hated reactions because I feel so helpless.  It is beyond me why anyone would voluntarily put themselves through that.  

P.S. Don't call the police....please!

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