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Re: [IP] Kids with Pumps

   Guaranteed I won't be the only one responding to this question.  Tell your
doctor to get his head out of the sand- pumps nowadays can be disconnected &
all the teens I now who use pumps disconnect them for contact sports. Ideally,
one should re-connect hourly to make up for the basal rate that's missed, but
my 16 yr old has been known to extend this for 3 hours and (depending on her
activity level) if she gives herself insulin as soon as she re-hooks, it still
evens out. If, however, she misjudges the activity ( i.e. standing idly in the
softball outfield for hours) she WILL go high afterwards, but she gets
progressively better at "guesstimating" how to accomodate her pump to her
activities ( as opposed to those infamous old days of having to accomodate
one's LIFE to the inflexible injections!!!!)

Regards, Renee
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