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Re: [IP] battery tip

> > a tip for batteries (MNMD at least) - when you take them out of the package.
> > rub the side with the bump on a piece of white office paper.  Don't ask me
> > what electro-mechanical process this invokes, but my pump trainer/Minimed
> > employee/friend told me to do it, and my batteries last 6 weeks or more...
> Actually, that's a very good point. The button on the battery may
> get corroded slightly, which causes resistance, which wastes battery
> power. Reminds me of the maintenance procedure I use on computer
> boards or chips when they don't work right, take them out and rub an
> eraser across the contacts.

Don't use and eraser. It contains sulfur compounds that cause more 
corrosion problems in the long run.
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