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Re: [IP] Battery Problems

At 07:02 AM 1/13/1999  Jule L. Fausto wrote:
>Hello Michael:
>I just purchased my Minimed 507C, it came with 4 sets of batteries.
>Unfortunately I have found that the batteries provided by Minimed have to be
>replaced every month and a half.
>I was wondering if anyone has found any that last longer, or cost less?

I think that MiniMed sends a 6 month supply of stuff with their pumps. So 4
sets of batteries that last 1 1/2 months each, is just about right. If you
think about all the work that those batteries do, I'm always amazed that
they last as long as they do... the pump motor must consume a fair amount
of power. And if you use the backlight feature, that also takes up extra
juice. The LCD screen probably uses minimal power, but even the beeps that
it makes, require extra. Also, don't forget that cold weather will reduce
battery strength too.

If you can find a store with fresh supplies, get the standard Eveready 357
batteries there. Probably cheaper... but, some folks find that store-bought
batteries may not always last as long.


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