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Re: [IP] Re: Big Bubbles

Hello Heathher.
The air usually comes in from the bottom of the plunger when you aspirate the
insulin into the cartridge.  Try doing the following and see if this does not
keep this down to a minimum.  Keep the vial upright with the cartridge and
needle in the vial, and the cartridge full of air the same amount as if it
were insulin.  Inject this volume of air into the air occupied space in the
vial.  Then turn it upside down, making sure the end of the needle is in the
middle of the insulin fluid. 
The pressure of the  injected air will allow the cartridge to fill with
insulin.  You may have to aspirate the last small portion of insulin.  This is
when the air enters the cartridge.  Aspirate slowly by pulling the plunger
straight back so as to not break the seal with the side of the cartridge.  If
a bubble of air is present you can inject it into the vial and aspirate
insulin back into the cartridge.  You can jockey around this way as much as
you need to this way to eliminate the air if you want.  With experience this
problem solves itself.
Yale (MD Pumper)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/