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Re: [IP] mish mash volume 2 - long

email @ redacted wrote:
>  If you test a
> normal person after injesting a xmas meal, I bet their sugar wouldnt be 80 all
> day long...in fact I bet they might even hit 200 before their natural
> reactions kicked in and fixed them. Lighten up and live a little.  If you are
> still high exactly 2 or 3 hours after your meal, PERHAPS you ought to wait
> another 1/2 hour to hour and check again - every body is different and we all
> have different reactions to the insulin.  2 1/2 hours after a bolus I WILL be
> high, but 3 hours after I will be absolutely normal.  You don't want to bring
> yourself down too fast, cuz then you may crash

I would really love to see a careful study on non-diabetic people,
carefully excluding those who are probably already Type 2, but not yet

I really don't think normals EVER go much above 120 tops. Dr. Bernstein
insists that they stay right at 80 - 90, no matter what. 

I once tested my best friend (who MAY yet develop Type 2) after a large
Thanksgiving meal -- she was 116, while I was 183 WITH ten units of
insulin on board (I SAID it was a large meal!!). 

That said, I still don't think a DMer can aim for absolutely normal BGs,
because injected (or pumped) insulin, even Humalog,  just doesn't work
the same way that natural insulin does. Natural insulin goes into the
liver first, suppressing the liver's production of glucose from
glycogen, and then dealing  appropriately with glucose entering the
blood from the digestive system. 

In our case, it works in reverse -- and if we lower meal glucose too
much, we also suppress the liver too much and set ourselves up for a

In my experience, it takes a full 4 hours for Humalog to finish working
-- if I take extra to lower a high before that, I will plunge. So I
don't worry too much about high BGs before 4 hours; if I'm high at 4
hours, I will compensate. It appears that a high BG for a short period
of time isn't particularly dangerous, anyway -- it's the high BGs for
days at a time that are doing damage! 

Of course, everyone is different, and you have to figure out what's
right for you.  

Good luck to all! 

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