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[IP] More Creepies

When I was 23 years old I worked with this lady who hated me. When I got low blood sugars I would become terrified of her. I'd wake up in the night thinking, "oh no, she's going to torture me". And I think I remained terrified at what she might do to me being unable to shake off the experiences. Maybe I didn't realize I could blame diabetes in those days. I would sit some days at work completely indecisive, confused, unable to make the smallest decision, overwhelmed by the most basic logic. When I had my worst reaction where I didn't wake up in the morning in the mountains. One of the guys who brought me to with sugar water said that because of the dazed expression in my eyes I looked like people he'd seen who had just smoked so much marijuana that they had passed out. The mother of a diabetic who said she thought her daughter was being melodramatic. Woops. I sympathize with the daughter. The mother couldn't know what its like. But I'm glad the mother shared her perspective. This sharing brings the "psychotic" low BG experiences into a new light.
Thanks again for all your communications and to the WEB maintainers.
Here's to an almost normal life,
P.S. remember that guy who said he'd been so wonderful telling his severly hypoglycemic gilrfriend to take two glucotabs and there were only three reasons she would not cure a low BG. Woops. I have spent time in deep contemplation pondering if I should take a bite from an apple because there was some reason I wanted to that should be remembered.