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Re: [IP] Re: H 5 Hr Drop

> I was told that you should test at least 30 points higher 2 Hr.
> after your meal then what you tested before your meal.  That was
> what I was told, but I don't necessarily find it true. It's more
> like 50 points higher, and lasts for more like 4 hours for me.  I
> guess it is different for everyone?

Depends on the glycemic index of the food you eat. Some foods will 
cause you to be very high 2 hours later, others very low, still 
others exactly where you were before and...... everywhere in between. 
This really is YMMV stuff and it is highly dependent on what you eat.

Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/