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[IP] battery life in the submarine sandwhich world

     On Tue, 12 Jan 1999 "Neal & Kara" <email @ redacted> wrote:
     > Barbara B says you should keep the batteries in the fridge.  The 
     > Disetronic manuals say NOT to do this.  What's the group consensus?
     I don't know.  Ever since we have been using 'real' batteries* I've 
     been refrigerating them.  I beleive I was told they should be kept 
     cool until a little while before installation, as one wants his 
     batteries to OPERATE at semi-room temp to keep up their power (cold 
     batteries don't work so good)
     * as opposed to the 9 volt rechargables that were good (if you could 
       lie and say that) for two or three days at best.  i seem to remember
       another rechargeable somewhere in the anceint days: any others
       willing to admit they've pumped longer than most knew about them.

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