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[IP] mish mash volume 2 - long

Hi there...I am officially caught up on the digests and have lots of comments
below, but first...to the person who responded the entire digest to ask WHY
there were so many digests per day...it is a combination of things.  It is
limited to about 40 KB of data, and silly people who respond to entire
messages, or HORRORS, (like you, but no insult intended - you are not the only
one) the entire digest, or send their message in HTML format, or add 15 lines
of cute signature line, or put 7 returns between where they end their post and
where they sign their name...if we all took a little time to review our post
before we sent it - who cares about spelling (I mean besides me), just make
sure you arent filling up the digest with dribble!!

anyway...that said - here is a real long post guaranteed to fill up almost an
enrtire digest

Welcome to all the new people - I saw some NJ and NY people...we are going to
have another NYC pumper get together...Mary, Stu, Fred, Wendy, if you are near
us, Cheri - come down from school...jeff, yerachmiel, who else - email me

Andry wrote (ages ago):

>Christmas Day my blood sugar never went over 80 by using the square wave
> bolus, and believe me, I ate plenty of Christmas goodies

that is great, I guess, but I think that is a little too low.  If you test a
normal person after injesting a xmas meal, I bet their sugar wouldnt be 80 all
day long...in fact I bet they might even hit 200 before their natural
reactions kicked in and fixed them. Lighten up and live a little.  If you are
still high exactly 2 or 3 hours after your meal, PERHAPS you ought to wait
another 1/2 hour to hour and check again - every body is different and we all
have different reactions to the insulin.  2 1/2 hours after a bolus I WILL be
high, but 3 hours after I will be absolutely normal.  You don't want to bring
yourself down too fast, cuz then you may crash

> (we have to splurge every now and then!)!

yup - and that includes an occasional bs of 350 without being told we are BAD

Renee wrote:
> Melissa's latest A1C: 6.9, after almost 3 years on the pump, which is the
> perfect "nightcap" to a not so perfect year for our family...

Yah HOOOOOO!!!  This is so great to hear!  congrats to you both

Randall wrote:
> And they are promoting the inComplete as designed for insulin pump users... 
> Sometimes I think the entire industry is trying to shoot themselves in the 
> foot.  If they could ever get their act together they could make a lot more 
> money...

> They still act like they are the ones doing us a favor by taking our
> that's the problem with the insurance companies too - 

yeah but if they cure this sucker, think of all the money Minimed, Diestronic,
Eli Lilly, Lifescan, and htose insurance companies etc. etc. are going to lose
- certainly billions of dollars in lost revenue.  What is that figure the US
spends on diabetes alone?  43 billion dollars - that is a big chunk a change!!
It would NOT surprise me in this warped country we call the land of the free,
home of the brave, that someone is out there with a CURE, but he is being paid
big $$$$ to keep quiet - ir he has been knocked off.

Tim wrote (before he DEMANDED to be removed from the list)
> I cut a small hole in my jean pocket; took the pump off the clip and out of
> leather case and wore it in my pocket. It was somewhat uncomfortable 

I snip the seams on pockets of pants and dresses and unhook from the
tender...i slide the tubing into the little hole in the pocket and reconnect.
I can wear the pump on my waist (proper spelling) band, or leave it in my
pocket.  It gets obvious only if I pull he pump out to do something to it,
then have all this tubing I have to shove back into a tiny 1/2" hole...

someone wrote and lots responded:
> I am a very restless sleeper, I toss and turn and roll all the time....  
> What would be the best way to handle this with the pump???

well, if you sleep alone, you will get used to it.  it sleeps right next to me
and I never have to search for it when i wake up - kinda like I always know
where my arm is...I toss and turn alot, and it just goes with me.  sometimes
it starts out hooked to my undies, but that doesnt last cuz I like to rotate
positions...and it gets in the way.  When you are WITH someone in the bed, it
is a different predicament.  In the past (WAY PAST), I would just put it just
behind me, if I was facing the lucky guy, or just in front if we were
"spooning,"  and of course, just unhook and remove it from the "danger area"
if we weren't sleeping - of course - this is from memory - I have no recent
experience to go by, so things may have changed...wahhhhh

Several people mentioned pharmacy orders the email @ redacted problem:
My pal at MNMD (nurse/pumper) has suggested you have doctor UP your
prescription for the year...and stock up - this is coming from a Minimed
employee, so I plan on listening to her - even if she IS a medical
professional and normally I scoff at anything they tell me...

Brian wrote:
> the person that gets the drinks...tells me i don't need a "diet" 
> not wanting him to feel bad when i told him i was diabetic 

who CARES about how HE feels - it doesnt matter if you are diabetic,
epileptic, paraplegic, overweight or anorexic  - when you place an order, you
are ordering what you want.  If you wanted a lecture, you should have gone to
your mothers!!  If anyone tried to do this to me...well, Kayla said it nicer
than me, but you get the gist...duh!!!

> Then he then tried to convence me that i couldn't be a diabetic 
grrrrrrr - and I don't LOOK like a bitch - its just when I open my mouth that
I start to be offensive... why does god make us put up with people like this?
so we can appreciate our superiority or what???  just kidding - that is a
rhetoricial question

> One other think that happens alot is that people offer me something REAL
> sweet and i turn them down because i am diabetic when they ask and 
> they keep trying to appologize and i just say " don't appologize i would
> be hurt if you didn't offer in the first place".

That is a weak excuse now, though.  We no longer have to turn down anything -
be it Oreos, cold sesame noodles, a 7-11 icee or Ben and Jerry's.  We just
pump in the insulin and we are good to go...I wrote this before, but it
happened again this xmas season - I was in Macys and they were handing out
Godiva samples.  Do you think for one minute I said "no thanks, I have
diabetes...iff you don't have any sugar free ones I am gonna sue you for
discriminating?"  HELL NO!!!  I took it, and sent my friend back for another
one (She for some weird reason just doesnt like chocolate...and she isnt even
diabetic, OR fat - go figger)

OK - that is enough fo rnow - I have a few more comments I will save for a
later post. Youa re probably sick of my rambling by now, and I need to go to
the gym

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