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[IP] ? - Cannula, bleeding, waste

Fran wrote:

> real frustrating to me because I have to pull it out and start with a new 
> one.  When I was using needles at least I could re use the needle.  
> ....it's such a waste and the cannula's aren't cheep.  

Draw back on the plunger in the syringe until you get a little bubble of air
at hte luer neck...unscrew the tubing with the messed up cannula attached -
use it to strangle your neighbor's rotten kids...then attach a NEW cannula, re
prime and try again.  yes you waste a cannula, but at least you can save the
tubing and insulin, which also aint cheap.  I fyou use the disconnecting type,
you can even reuse the tubing..just use another tender/silhouette.

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