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[IP] Question - Retinopathy

Fran wrote:

> IA friend...was told by...eye doctor that they needed to laser...but told
> that the blood must drain in order to do the laser.  

yes this is true...just as we cannot see through the freaking black
clot...(and yes I do happen to be the voice of experience on this one),
neither can the doctor.  The body will HOPEFULLY be able to absorb the blood
and eventually the doc can see well enough to laser the suckers that are
bleeding...SOMETIMES, however, the body loses its ability to clear the blood
on its own...at which point, unless you want to continue seeing black patches
everywhere you look, you will have a vitrectomy...which is not ALWAYS 100%
effective and doesn't always 100% solve the problem (Debbie S?  are you still
out there??? how are you???)

Fran wrote:
>  It was my understanding that laser needed to be done as soon as
> any of the blood vessels appeared to be close to bursting or had already

Yes.  this is why you ought to have your eyes checked AT LEAST once a year -
ask for a FLOURECIN (spelling) - they inject you with this dye, and take
photos as it passes through your blood vessels...they can see microanuerisms
(little bitty leaks) and suspicious vessels...and zap em if necessary.  I had
these and was zapped in my right eye in MAY of 90, and was told I would need
laser in left eye sooner or later...well - before he got me, I had my first
huge hemorrhage, and it never quit bleeding...dozens of lasers and finally a
vitrectomy in 94.  My left eye, that got lasered...it didn't bleed until 95
and is now the bane of my existence.  I have had literally thousands of hits
in both eyes,and while there is no new growth (which is good), my vitreous gel
is pulling away from the retina in the right eye...and as it pulls, it bleeds,
kinda like a scab when you pull it away (Kayla, my clone, can probably relate
to this one,,,heh heh heh)  

SO FAR, my body is still clearing this on its own,and even though takes its
OWN DAMN SWEET TIME to do so...I do NOT want another vitrectomy...though I do
miss needlepoint and reading...

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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