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RE: [IP] Vaculance


I bought a Vaculance and have been pretty happy with it.  It
has an adjustable depth setting so you can dial in your
setting.  A couple of experiences..

1)  the fingertips have exclusively small capillaries, other
parts of the body have larger veins near the surface.  I
took a sample from my forearm and created a DEEP purple
bruise about 1.5" in diameter.  You need to be careful where
you shoot.

2)  there have been times when I have to pump the site with
the lancing device.  [The way this thing works is that you
push the plunger, the lance goes in, and then you slowly
release the plunger and a vacuum is pulled in the end.]  I
have to repeat the depress and slowly release to bring up a
sufficient sample. I don't re-punture.

In general, I like it.  It gives my fingertips a break.  It
will not replace my normal lancing device; it is an
alternative device.

If you have any other questions, or want specific details,
email me.


<<<Does anyone here in the group use this lancing device?  

Would like to find out more information about it. 

Such as what type of meter do you use with this device?

 How is it in the pain department?

Christene Ullom>>>
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