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Re: [IP] big bubble inResevoir

You can ge the air out of the resevoir (cartridge,syringe). 
1. Place the pump in suspend or stop mode.
 2. Put a slide clamp on the tubing, and take the cartridge out of the pump..
3. Fill an insulin syringe with insulin 5 to 10 units should be enough.
4. Hold the cartridge in an upright position and make sure the bubble is
centered at the top.
5. Try to tap on the cartridge or tilt it and tap it to get the bubble in the
6. You might be able to push the plunger on a MiniMed cartridge and just push
the bubble out.
7. Disetronic....use the insulin syringe to put insulin throught the open end
until you have a rounded edge of insulin showing, but not overflowing.  Keep
it steady at this point and dnot let it tip over. 
8. At the tubing connection end, use the insulin syringe to do the same thing
to refill any insulin lost from the tubing connection end when you
9. Put the tubing and syringe back together and, if you had enough dexterity,
you should have the air bubble removed. 

If the air is in the tubing, then you have to disconnect from yourself and
keep boulsing until the air is gone. Do not reconnect until you see the
insulin dripping from the end you connect to yourself.
Barbara B.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/